Capable twin-engine helicopter, operating in class 1, enables us to perform overflights on large cities and hostile environments, otherwise impossible operation with single-engine helicopters.

The A109E is equipped with sliding side doors, ideal for photovideogrammatic aerial photography while maintaining a wide field of view.

Crew 1 Pilot + 6/7 Passengers
Max Speed 154 Kts
Range 900 Km
Payload LIDAR, RGB/FLIR Payload
Payload Capacity 1000 Kg

Whether the mission demands day or night, single or dual-pilot IFR operations, the AW109 Power delivers.

With FADEC controlled twin-turbine engines and redundancy in all critical systems, the AW109 Power meets the JAR OPS 3 requirements for Category A operations at maximum take-off weight.

With an external noise signature well below the ICAO defined limits, the AW109 Power is not only good for the community, it’s stealthy on the mission.