UAVs are seeing increasing use in agricultural areas.

In addition to land surveys and the monitoring of plants using special sensors, there are a growing number of other specialised applications such as the delivery of seeds and pest control measures.

The distribution of liquids and granulate products by drones is the ideal solution in case the conformation of the scenario and the conditions of the terrain make the traditional mechanized or manual treatments difficult or even impossible, if not at very high costs.


With our systems we’re able to provide an efficient and non-invasive distribution of liquid and granulated products. Equipped with a 10-liter tank and 2 nozzles for spraying, specifically designed for distribution in complex scenarios (for example with steep slopes or obstacles).

The right amount of low-drift product is delivered by an automatic and low altitude flight. In fact, thanks to the automatic flight planning by the sofware, it is possible to import a digital model of terrain elevation and plan a precise flight at a constant altitude, appropriately configuring the quantities of product to be distributed, to ensure the best and uniform surface coverage according to the task requirements.


The system can be customized according to the distribution needs of the specific scenario and can be adapted to the needs of the various products spreading; for example it is possible to configure the number, the position and the type of the distribution nozzles.



Powder distribution


Flying automatically and at a very low altitude, and carrying up to 10 liters of product per flight, our systems ensure that the right amount of powder product is delivered, avoiding excesses or uncovered areas. In fact, thanks to the automatic flight planning, it is possible to plan and check that the drone is flying at a constant altitude, even on terrain with steep slopes, appropriately configuring the quantity of product to be distributed.

This ensures precise powder distribution and uniform surface coverage, based on the needs of the specific application. 


Distribution of capsules in biological agriculture


Our systems can be equipped with an automatic distribution kit and drop, at high precision by GPS, capsules that can be used for European Corn Borer biological control. Our software easily plans automatic flights according to the flight shape and considering the right amount of capsules to be released.

In flight, the kit installed on the UAV releases the capsules according to the planning made based on the position detected by the GPS, each release is validated by a sensor system and in real time is monitored by the ground station where it is possible to remotely start and stop the distribution and check when the tank is empty.

At the end of the flight an overall report of the trips made is generated.

With a single flight you can cover up to 5 Ha in less than 15 minutes. The rapid recharge of the capsules is guaranteed by the ability to quickly remove the empty tank and to screw the full one to start again with a stop of a few seconds between flights.

At the speed of up to 50 km/h, releasing up to 2 capsules per second, it is possible to cover large areas but maintaining the precision of distribution that determines the effectiveness of biological treatment.


Vegetation Assessment


If precision technology drove the farming revolution of recent years, monitoring crops from the sky using drones will drive the next, as agronomists, agricultural engineers and farmers turn to UAVs (or UAS) to gain better crop insights and more accurately plan and manage their operations.


With our drones we provide our customers a holistic view of their crop's growth, enabling them to quickly and precisely identify issues, and better target theur field scouting.


We can also extract soil characteristics such as temperature, moisture, slope, elevationa and more, enabling more accurate soil sampling and the production of more suitable seeding prescriptions