Drones enable insurers to save time and to focus their resources where they are most needed.

Roof Damage Inspections. 


One of the most common uses for drones by insurers is rooftop inspections. Roofs are notoriously difficult and hazardous to inspect. An inspection is particularly dangerous if a roof is steep or has suffered fire damage. Rather than climb onto the roof to take pictures, an adjuster can use a drone equipped with a camera. Cameras used on drones can capture very detailed images. Moreover, a drone can photograph the entire roof, including parts of the structure that aren't accessible to a human.



Other Damage Inspections. 


Drones are useful for inspecting damage to large structures, such as warehouses.


Boiler Inspections. 


Commercial boilers can be several stories high. They are difficult to inspect because of their size and dark interior. Drones make the inspection process easier, faster, and safer. They eliminate the need for both scaffolding and humans inside the boiler.