We are specialists in Photogrammetrical and LIDAR mapping with UAVs and Helicopters, surveying over large areas and steep terrain, with a great deal of experience in mountain ranges.

A classic task for surveyors is establishing the situation as-is. In some sectors, this task has been revolutionised by the aid of UAVs and digital cameras. The bird’s eye view permits the quick, precise and complete capture of all visible elements of the measured area, with correct heights and orientation. Resurveying for forgotten or later assigned elements becomes redundant, as a 3D likeness of reality has already been created.


We are specialists in surveying over steep terrain and have a great deal of experience in mountain ranges. We have also taken on significant challenges in flight planning and operation, such as the creation of orthophotos with a geometric resolution of one millimetre per pixel.


During terrain surveys over the last few years, our multicopter has shown its true strengths: speed, good overhead perspective and an unbeatable surveying accuracy due to its reduced altitude.


For a long time, our greatest challenge was posed by densely vegetated areas. Now, using our latest technology’s active procedure, we can measure points and therefore carry out surveys in a fast, precise and comprehensive manner even with heavy vegetation!


Survey Planning


The problem with photogrammetric flights is that it is relatively easy to plan such a mission in 2D: the overlap in the X and Y directions are at hand and the altitude remains constant; on flat land, this represents a simple exercise in geometry.


However the Earth is unfortunately not always as flat as the plains of Northern Germany. For precisely this reason, we have developed a tool with which you can also create plans for flights over hilly and mountainous areas.

Our goal was to keep the distance to the photographed object constant, regardless of whether the incline is 0° or 90°. Only in this way can we be sure that the overlapping and geometric resolution remain constant during the whole flight.


Raw Data


The acquisition of raw data is the first step for the generation of processed, complex products.

We provide the client with raw data, if the client owns the technical tools and the knowledge for an autonomous processing, or with processed and ready-to-use data, after a complete in-house processing.

The raw data acquired are:


1. LiDAR data
2. Digital photography
3. Digital videos
4. Thermal images


Processed Data


Point cloud

The Point cloud is composed by all the returns per every emitted pulse. These data provide the following information:

• Geographical coordinates (x,y,z) of the return pulse (position and elevation)
• Intensity of the return
• GPS time


The geometrically corrected and georeferenced data of the point cloud represent the input for the generation of digital elevation models (DEM)


Digital terrain models (DTM)

Generated by analyzing and classifying the point cloud collected by the laser-scanning system. The result of this process is a 3D model of the bare ground, without the points corresponding to vegetation, built-up areas and objects such as buildings, bridges or transmission towers.



Unlike a simple aerial photo, an orthophoto can be used to measure real distances, since it depicts an accurate representation of the Earth's surface as it has been adjusted based on topographic surveys, lens distortion and camera orientation.



The process of abstraction of reality in spatial elements represented by geographically referenced points, lines and polygons. Vector data are used for the analysis of (discontinuous) discrete objects (i.e. roads, buildings, plots of land or transmission lines). The edges of the objects are accurate and clear and surfaces can be calculated. The representations provided are compatible with the most common engineering and 3D-analysis software.


Your Data Platform  


Our customers can now access their data on an easily interpreted on an accurate, user-friendly interface made available to the entire team.


Secure Cloud Platform

Access your post-flight data instantly and securely through our client platform in the cloud. View, annotate and download your files anywhere.


Instant Analysis Tools

Our unique platform allows you to markup, analyse, and measure directly on the platform. Make length, gradient, terrain, and volumetric calculations. Add workflows to suit your requirements.


Generate Detailed Reports

Automatically generate detailed PDF reports from your data containing images, annotations, and measurements instantly.