From overhead line equipment to structural and thermal inspections, from offshore wind turbines to monitoring pipelines, communication towers, buildings, pylons, confined spaces, and all the nuts and bolts in between, our capabilities are far-reaching.


As well conducting complex drone inspections we work with you to digitise your inspection results and create a digital twin of your asset or site.

This supports better decision-making, communication, budgeting and planning. 


The use of APR guarantees the reduction of costs, greater safety and the achievement of areas that are difficult to access with traditional techniques



Inspection Planning


The missions are planned in advance to ensure the availability of the correct crew and equipment.


Flight plans are designed in advance to account for the airspace location, obstacle recognition and correct data acquisition. 





Data Acquisition


The data is acquired by the crew and UAVs, that preliminary controls the quality of the data already in the field.


With our tecnology customers can have real-time access to raw data.



Processing and Delivery


The data is processed and valued, so that the customer receives only the data that is useful for the exploitation.


Delivery is made on a dedicated, secure and ergonomic interface.


Raw files

Raw data set, vision of defects smaller than a millimeter


Positioning raw data

Positioning the data on a general view / diagram or plan of the structure


Defect mapping

3D processing for mapping and measurement of defects with centimeter accuracy


Interpretation of data

Full report with interpretation by a qualified expert


Intervention report

Analysis of the conduct of operations


Inspection Platform


AI-powered Asset Management, Data Analytics and Reporting Software for Industrial Inspections


Our inspection viewer software uses a simple to navigate, map-driven interface which provides intuitive and easy access to all inspection information, including the reporting matrix, the underlying high definition images and engineering commentary.


It enables the captured data to be turned into actionable information (using Artificial Intelligence, automation and 3D) delivering major reductions in OPEX and risk by providing a path to inspection automation and reporting by exception.


See how it delivers a faster and more valuable mean of accessing, sharing and analysing asset integrity data and allows inspectors and engineers to optimise asset management, improve safety, efficiency and asset performance.